Who We Are

Dead Pixels is a critical initiative mapping photography's changing terrain and gathering resources for users, makers and critics.

Who We Are

Through a regular newsletter we aim to make discussions about the ever-expanding field of visual communication accessible and entertaining while also providing a generative space where ideas can be developed and theories tested.

The project was founded by Anna Kućma and Will Boase. We started it because we wanted to try to make sense of what feels like a period of radical change in the medium. Photography’s mainstream discourse is rooted in a traditional conception of the image as inert, objectified time, and usually steers away from any discussion of the image as an active participant, instead preferring to focus on its means of production and contents. In textbooks and in most discourse, photography is usually reduced to a process or product depicting realities, preserving memories and creating evidence, immortalising history or aestheticising the ordinary.

But as the world becomes more centred around screens it is becoming clear that photography is a lot more than just photographs, and even the humble snapshot has found itself at the heart of digital culture. Photographic processes surround us in our everyday lives not just as images but as interfaces; we use cameras as mirrors, scanners, translators and payment gateways, and images compete with text as the preferred means of digital communication. Cameras track workers in e-commerce warehouses, racially profile visitors at sporting events, and even check whether pigs are ready for slaughter. This is all photography, and understanding it is key to understanding the modern world. We are not so much interested in what photographs look like, but what they actually do.

Every two weeks we produce a newsletter containing original work alongside links to projects and producers we find inspiring. Dead Pixels publishes short and long-form writing on the broad themes of photographs, photography and imaging technologies. We also publish multimedia pieces including videos and podcasts, as well as interviews with people working in image-related fields, and occasional satire and memes. We love and value photography, and we stand for an inclusive, reflective and positive photographic industry.

If you’d like to write for us, please mail us on hello@deadpixels.online

Photography is dead- long live photography!

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